In our quest in history we have been stranded on a certified copy of a personal testimony of Adolf Hitler. Is it real or fake?

We do not know. “We write Easter 1983. Antiquariat J. Reinhardt in Wallenbrück. An auction of militaria. A. Hitler’s personal will appears in the catalogue. The interest has been awakened. A bidder wins this strange item. At the time it was covered by some newspapers. But there has never been any real research. Almost 30 years later we find this remarkable item. Our interest has been triggered. What is it? Is it real? Many questions, few answers.

“Certified copy”

“Hitler-The personal testament of Adolf Hitler. Certified copy of Adolf Hitler’s personal testament drawn up by the chancellery of the Führer, signed on 29 April 1945, at 4.00.”Authenticated: Berlin, 29 April 1945, eh. Signature: Heinrichsdorf, Government – Chief Inspector”, seal of the “Chancellery of the Leader of the NSDAP”. 1 B1. Gr. -8th original stationery of the “Kanzlei des Führers der NSDAP, Berlin W 8, Vobstr. 4″, top left with blind embossed national badge in original protective cover with 2 red – white adhesive seal:”Kanzlei des Führers der NSDAP”. In agreement Hitler’s literature names only three copies of the testament, which were to be taken out of the bunker in Berlin by couriers in different ways (cf. i. a. J. C. Fest and H. Trevor-Roper); these came into the hands of the West Allies.”

“Berlin, 1945. 29 April 1945, 4 o’ clock in the morning. Hitler creates his political and personal will. With as witnesses; Martin Bormann, Dr. Goebbels, Nikolaus von Berlow. The will is said to have been typed on hitler’s typewriter’s secretary Traudl Junge.  The chancellery is in rubble. The following day, A. Hitler and his wife Eva Braun commit suicide. “The mystery begins. According to eyewitnesses/experts, the will that we have in our hands is apparently in triplicate. The question is: Is this copy part of the bunker smuggled out and therefore original or a fake? For example, a forgery by Konrad Kujau.

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What micro and macro photography shows in this mystery.  We used our photographical skills to come closer to the truth.