Amsterdam 1855,

We write Amsterdam 1855, a time when photography was still a peculiarity. The association “Arti et Amicitiae” founded in 1843, the association’s goal was to make art accessible to the general public. The association presented its first photo exhibition in 1855. At that time a place of interest. The club is located at a monumental building on the Rokin (Amsterdam) and still exists, The photo exhibition was a success at the time, within 3 years it was followed up. With for example photos by Benjamin Turner (1815-1894), a wax candle manufacturer from England who liked experimenting with mainly landscapes and buildings in England. Benjamin also captured images from Amsterdam, images that have now become even more unique simply because they were demolished. You can find them in the city archives of Amsterdam. This unique medal from our archive is from the exhibition. Probably awarded to the participants. Under the protection of HRH Prince Frederick of the Netherlands.

*Arti et Amicitiae means: art and friendship