Otto Spronk

11 september 1947 – 2 juni 2017

 In memory of Otto Spronk, a passionate collector of 19th and 20th century history.

After his death, his large photo archive was merged with the existing archive of world history archive. This has led to an immense collection of photographs, negatives, documents, newspapers, magazines and more items.

1967-1969 Bijenkorf bookseller The Hague.
1969-1972 Sijthof press Agency/book trade agency/bookshop branch holder (Rotterdams Nieuwsblad)
1972-1979 Head of Photo Archive NRC/Handelsblad/Algemeen Dagblad Rotterdam.
1979-2001 Head of Documentation Volkskrant Amsterdam.
2001-2005 Documentalist HP de Tijd.
2001-2005 Documentalist NRC/Handelsblad/Algemeen Dagblad Rotterdam.

Chairman Press and Broadcasting Association Documentalists (VPOD)
Chairman Association of newspaper and magazine collectors (VKTV)

He provided illustrations of many reference works.